The National Advisory Board of the Positive Coaching Alliance

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Positive Coaching Alliance

Jeffrey Tocci is a dentist and owner of a dental practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Also a coach of little league baseball, Jeffrey Tocci is also a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, an organization that provides information on the power of positive coaching thanks in large part to its national advisory board.

The Positive Coaching Alliance’s national advisory board consists of former and current athletes and coaches from professional, college, and Olympic sports teams. The board also has researchers, authors, and leaders in the academic and business worlds. Working as volunteers, advisory board members offer advice and guidance through the Positive Coaching Alliance’s collection of workshops, online courses, books, and website resources for coaches throughout the nation.

Advisory board members include Jennifer Azzi, Olympic basketball gold medalist and NCAA champion; Albert Bandura, psychology professor from Stanford University; and Susan Ford, president of the Sand Hill Foundation.


Oral Health Problems – TMJ

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Tocci Dental Associates

Dr. Jeffrey Tocci earned his DDS from the Georgetown University School of Dentistry. Through his practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci delivers a high standard of care to his patients, including individuals with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

The TMJ is important because it links the jawbone and the skull, and sometimes, people experience pain in the TMJ and surrounding muscles. The causes of such pain depend on the person but often center on teeth grinding and clenching. Beyond pain, TMJ patients may experience a locking of the jaw joint, which can limit range of motion when using the mouth to chew or speak.

When caring for people with TMJ problems, dentists draw from a variety of methods. For pain, they may suggest over-the-counter drugs. If the pain is severe, dentists may prescribe prescription pain killers, sedatives, or muscle relaxants.

Beyond medication, dentists can suggest patients begin using bite guards, which are effective for TMJ disorders. In stubborn cases, joint replacement surgery is an option.