The National Advisory Board of the Positive Coaching Alliance

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Positive Coaching Alliance

Jeffrey Tocci is a dentist and owner of a dental practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Also a coach of little league baseball, Jeffrey Tocci is also a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, an organization that provides information on the power of positive coaching thanks in large part to its national advisory board.

The Positive Coaching Alliance’s national advisory board consists of former and current athletes and coaches from professional, college, and Olympic sports teams. The board also has researchers, authors, and leaders in the academic and business worlds. Working as volunteers, advisory board members offer advice and guidance through the Positive Coaching Alliance’s collection of workshops, online courses, books, and website resources for coaches throughout the nation.

Advisory board members include Jennifer Azzi, Olympic basketball gold medalist and NCAA champion; Albert Bandura, psychology professor from Stanford University; and Susan Ford, president of the Sand Hill Foundation.


The Positive Coaching Alliance Makes Sports Fun Again

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Positive Coaching Alliance

Jeffrey Tocci treats patients at his dental practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He offers an array of dental services including implants and TMJ treatments. Jeffrey Tocci also coaches youth sports and is involved with the Positive Coaching Alliance.

The Positive Coaching Alliance seeks to transform youth sports into a positive and enriching experience for all players. It brings players, coaches, and parents together to encourage sportsmanship, growth, and development.

The Positive Coaching Alliance centers on what it calls the Double-Goal Coach. Like all coaches, Double-Goal coaches work toward the goal of winning games. Unlike many coaches, they put equal focus on the overarching goal of teaching life lessons. These coaches want to reward effort as much as success and help players grow from mistakes rather than putting them down.

Parents are encouraged to be Second-Goal Parents, who focus on raising a whole person, not just an athlete. The Alliance believes that everyone is better off if coaches focus on coaching and parents focus on parenting.

Supporting the Positive Coaching Alliance

As owner and dentist at Tocci Dental Associates, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci offers laser, general, and cosmetic dentistry to his patients. In addition to his efforts in the dental field, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci serves on the boards of several industry organizations while giving back to community groups such as the Positive Coaching Alliance.


Founded at Stanford University in 1998, the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) operates with the mission to provide positive sports experiences to youth. To accomplish this, the organization employs sports-related models to positively impact young athletes. For example, the organization’s “Triple-Impact Competitor” model focuses on the improvement of both the athlete and the athlete’s teammates, while the “Double-Goal Coach” model encourages coaches to teach life lessons as well as success on the field.

The PCA relies on the help of donations to fund their programs and resources. Through its network of supporters and more than 1,500 partner schools around the country, the Positive Coaching Alliance has affected more than four million young athletes since its founding.