Preventing Decay with Professional Fluoride Treatment

A general and aesthetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci is the owner of Tocci Dental Associates in Wellesley, Massachusetts. An important component of Dr. Jeffrey Tocci’s practice is preventive care, which includes professional fluoride treatments to help minimize the risk of developing cavities.

The teeth are protected by a strong outer layer called enamel. Sugars and starches combine with certain oral bacteria in the mouth to attack the enamel and pull minerals from it. This is called demineralization, and if nothing is done to reverse the process, it weakens the enamel and leads to holes in the teeth called cavities.

Fortunately, the mouth constantly works to remineralize the teeth with the minerals found in saliva. One such mineral, fluoride, can help strengthen the enamel. In addition to brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride and drinking fluoridated water, patients can undergo professional fluoride treatments for added protection against tooth decay. Performed by a dental hygienist after a teeth cleaning, a fluoride treatment contains a stronger concentration of the mineral than is found in over-the-counter products and is usually administered in the form of a rinse, gel, or varnish. Depending on the patient’s risk of decay, these treatments may be recommended once a year or more frequently.


An Introduction to Oral Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Jeffrey Tocci, owner of Tocci Dental Associates in Massachusetts, offers conscious sedation dentistry to his patients. With this option, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci is able to perform complex treatments in a minimal number of visits.

For people who experience fear and anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist, sedation dentistry can offer peace of mind as well as the opportunity for a healthy smile. One common form of sedation dentistry is oral sedation, in which the patient ingests a pill that causes drowsiness. Often consisting of triazolam (which is in the diazepam family), the pill is taken approximately an hour prior to the dental procedure and causes the patient to relax for five or six hours at a time, sometimes to the degree that the patient falls asleep in the chair. The sleep is typically not deep and the dentist can usually arouse the patient easily.

Dentists can adjust the sedation dose to achieve minimal or moderate sedation. Patients are more likely to remain fully awake and aware during minimal sedation, though they are fully relaxed. Those who undergo moderate sedation in the dentist’s office typically have no memory of the experience. As a result, sedation can be extremely comforting for anxious patients as well as for those who need extensive dental work, have sensitive teeth, or experience difficulty remaining still while undergoing dental work.

About GLO In-office Whitening

As owner of Tocci Dental Associates in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci performs both cosmetic and general dentistry procedures. Among a number of available cosmetic services, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci offers his patients GLO’s dual in-office and at-home whitening system.

Powered by Guided Light Optics technology, the GLO Science Professional whitening system provides high-quality results with no mess or sensitivity. The process begins with a gel that the dentist applies to the patient’s teeth. A closed-system mouthpiece then applies both heat and light to activate the gel and remove stains. Because the closed mouthpiece prevents the escape of oxygen during treatment, the process works in less time than a traditional whitening treatment

The process begins in the dental chair, where the patient receives his or her first treatment. The treatment takes approximately 40 minutes, which includes five eight-minute sessions with the mouthpiece. The patient then goes home with a kit that allows him or her to repeat the process, thus supporting effective maintenance of results. The system is clean and easy to use and is safe for veneers, crowns, caps, and bonding.