Dr. Jeffrey Tocci – Sports and the Importance of Using a Mouth Guard

Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci owns Tocci Dental Associates, a medical practice that provides general, laser, and cosmetic dental services, featuring oral conscious sedation and advanced therapies such as tooth implant surgery. In addition, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci practices sports dentistry.

According to statistics, 50 percent of children seriously damage a tooth by the time they finish high school, and most of these damages occur while playing sports. Moreover, sports injuries cause significantly more facial and dental harm than assaults, traffic accidents, or work accidents, and more than 2 million teeth are knocked out in athletic contests every year.

Sports dentists care for patients who play a wide variety of contact and noncontact sports and come to them for treatment of these injuries. The dentists also try to figure out ways for patients to avoid them. Preventive measures include nutrition counseling and advice on protecting one’s face. A crucial safety measure involves the use of athletic mouth guards. Dentists such as Dr. Tocci can produce customized mouthpieces for athletes engaging in sports ranging from soccer and volleyball to basketball and skydiving. Able to be worn with braces, these devices offer greater comfort, protection, and durability than store-bought mouth guards, while reducing the likelihood of harm.


The Positive Coaching Alliance

Jeffrey Tocci, DDS, owns Tocci Dental Associates, a practice in Massachusetts offering cosmetic, family, and general dentistry care. Active in his community, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci combines his interest in sports and his philanthropic efforts by participating in Little League baseball and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Founded in 1998, the Positive Coaching Alliance strives to provide youth with character building through sports. The nonprofit organization depends on donations received from foundations, businesses, and individuals.

Athletic associations and schools partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance have reported greater satisfaction among players and coaches and increased participation from parents. The organization aims to achieve these results by providing coaches with the tools to relate to their team positively.

Any school or athletic association can partner with the Positive Coaching Alliance to receive access to online courses, books, live workshops, a private website community, and regular newsletters. Since its start, the organization has provided more than 10,000 workshops to benefit over 4 million young athletes.