Fluoride and Oral Health

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Tocci Dental Associates
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Dr. Jeffrey Tocci relies on preventive therapies like fluoride treatments to promote the oral health of his patients at Tocci Dental in Wellesley, Massachusetts. To train for his dental career, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci completed post-graduate education through the Harvard School for Implantology and the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Fluoride is a first-line strategy for preventing oral health problems like tooth decay in adults and young people. Once introduced into the body, fluoride becomes part of and strengthens tooth enamel, which then acts as a shield against tooth decay.

In fact, fluoride is so safe and effective that the vast majority of American municipalities add fluoride to public drinking water specifically to protect against tooth decay. Doing so is not only effective but also cost-saving in that research demonstrates that for each dollar municipalities spend to fluoridate water, they prevent nearly $40 in oral health expenses.

In addition to public water sources, people can get fluoride from the toothpaste they apply to their teeth when they brush. Children living in communities without fluoridated water can also access prescription fluoride treatments in consultation with a dentist or pediatrician.