Replacing Lost Teeth – Dental Implants

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Jeffrey Tocci

An experienced cosmetic and reconstructive dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci helps restore lost teeth by installing porcelain crowns atop permanent dental implants. In fact, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci became certified in surgical and restorative dental implantology at Harvard University.

When an individual loses a tooth due to trauma, infection, or other reasons, one way to restore it is with a permanent implant that mimics the form and function of natural teeth. The procedure involves first placing a screw-like, titanium anchor into the jaw. Once fused with the bone, the implant provides a sturdy foundation that can last as long as a quarter of a century.

Atop the anchor sits the “abutment,” a ribbed, pointed object that peeks above the gum line. The abutment acts as the seat of the prosthetic tooth or crown. Dentists design crowns, often constructed using a combination of porcelain and a metal alloy, to match the color of the surrounding teeth.

Before installing crowns, dentists may fit patients with temporary crowns for a few weeks while the gums and jaw bone recover from the surgery implanting the anchor.


Dental Implants – Lifelong Tooth Replacement

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Tocci Dental Associates

Jeffrey Tocci helps patients maintain healthy smiles at Tocci Dental Associates in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Jeffrey Tocci offers an array of dental services for children and adults, including cosmetic services like porcelain crowns and dental implant restoration.

Dental implants are cylindrical, tapered posts. They are most commonly made from titanium. These posts are surgically placed inside the jawbone, where they fuse with existing bone to create a sturdy base; this base replaces the tooth root.

Abutments are connectors that fix the new tooth to the implant. Sometimes these are built into the implant; sometimes they are placed on top after the fact. Once the abutment is in place, a crown is attached to it. These replacement teeth are custom made for each patient, so they match existing teeth perfectly.

Dental implants can last a lifetime if cared for properly. They will never get cavities but still require care and regular dental checkups. Patients who opt for dental implants enjoy the freedom they bring, allowing them to eat, drink, and talk naturally.

Choosing Dental Implants over Other Tooth Replacement Options

Since 1985, Dr. Jeffrey Tocci has provided general and cosmetic dentistry services through his private practice, Tocci Dental Associates, in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Dr. Jeffrey Tocci has undergone advanced training in placing dental implants, which, in many ways, represent a better option for tooth replacement than bridges or dentures.

A dental implant is made up of an artificial tooth root, which is implanted in the jawbone, and a porcelain crown designed to match and blend perfectly with the surrounding teeth. Because they mimic the structure of natural teeth, dental implants are more stable than other prosthetics and do not affect the structure of healthy neighboring teeth. Dentures often lose their tight fit over time and slip out of place, making speaking and chewing difficult, and bridges require crown placement on the teeth next to the gap, which weakens those teeth.

Moreover, bridges and dentures rest over the gum tissues, while dental implants are firmly embedded in the bone. This is an important distinction because of the bone deterioration that occurs at the site of a lost tooth. Without a tooth root in place, the bone shrinks and causes a sunken, aged facial appearance, but a dental implant provides the same sort of stimulation to the bone to keep it healthy and dense.